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Mukhtasar Shuab al-Iman li'l-Bayhaqi

Mukhtasar Shuab al-Iman li'l-Bayhaqi

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The Abridgement of the Branches of Faith is the concise work based on the book Shu øab al-ƒ™mƒÅn originally written by Imam Bayhaqƒ´.

Imam Qazwƒ´nƒ´ was born in Tabriz in the year 653/1255 and began acquiring knowledge from some local scholars, subsequently travelling to many other cities. He arrived in Damascus accompanied by his brother, and studied in some of their schools. He was an expert in Islamic jurisprudence and qualified as the chief justice. He had a sound character, numerous good deeds, and he had the best of conduct.

A summative text which encapsulates the various aspects of faith evidenced by verses of the Qur'an and/or sound hadith. It shows the multi-faceted understanding of one's faith which covers attitudes, words, and actions. An invaluable work as a resource for hadith and reflection which will suit both public lectures and private study circles.

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