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Promoting Traditional Islamic Scholarship

Turath Publishing is dedicated to publishing authentic material on the Ahlus Sunnah Wa’al Jammah. Our aim is to show that all the four school’s of thought are derived from the Sunnah and they are part and parcel of the deen, and in turn the Muslims can concentrate on more important issues that concern the Ummah.



“Backbiting is worse than unlawful intercourse …”

– [Bayhaqī, Shuab al-īmān]

“Gatherings are to be kept in confidence …”

– [Abū Dāwūd]

“The intelligent one is he who has subdued his lower self and who has worked for what comes after death, and the stupid one is he who has put his lower self in pursuance of its desires…”

– [Tirmidhī, Ibn Māja]

“The signs of a hypocrite are three: when he speaks he lies, when he makes a promises he breaks it, and when he is trusted he betrays the trust …”

– [Bukhari, Muslim]

“Songs make hypocrisy grow in the heart just as water makes crops grow …”

– [Bayhaqī, Shuab al-īmān]

“The upper [giving] hand is superior to the lower [taking] hand …”

– [Bukhari, Muslim]

“Moderation in spending is half of [one’s] sustenance, friendliness toward people is half of [one’s] intelligence, and asking good questions is half of [one’s] knowledge …”

– [Bayhaqī, Shuʿab al-īmān]

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Turath Scholarship Fund

No Muslim would doubt the importance of gaining Islamic knowledge, its virtues and the benefits it provides not just for those sincere determined individuals but for the local community as well. Such individuals require help in a number of ways – financial support, contacts, access to teachers, and careers guidance. Turath Publishing is committed to education in its widest possible sense and encourages Muslims in Britain to invest in building a lasting community infrastructure of learned scholars.
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