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Imam Sha‘rani’s Code of Companionship

Imam Sha‘rani’s Code of Companionship

Adab us-Suhba A Treatise on Exemplary Conduct and Ethics

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Embark on a transformative journey with Imam Sha‘rani’s masterpiece, Adab al-Suhba, in this bilingual edition, illuminating the profound impact of virtuous companionship and the sacred responsibilities we bear toward others. In this eloquent and relatable exploration, the book seamlessly weaves together insights from the Noble Qur’ān, the Prophetic Sunna, and the timeless wisdom of esteemed Islamic scholars.

Divided into four compelling sections, discover the essence of:
1. Embracing companionship for the sake of Allāh,
2. Navigating the intricacies of true companionship rights,
3. Adhering to the noble etiquette of the righteous, and
4. Imbibing the beauty of Allāh’s remembrance (adhkar).

This intricate tapestry of knowledge is skilfully woven together, breathing life into the heart and adorning the mind with insights that propel the reader to cast off blameworthy traits and embrace the praiseworthy virtues of the pious.

This profound text deserves to be embraced and studied by imams alongside their congregations, teachers with their students, parents with their children, and within the academic realms of colleges and universities worldwide. Its teachings possess the potential to elevate our conduct, allowing the message of prophetic mercy to permeate our hearts. As we internalize these teachings and embody them in our actions, we can radiate this mercy to others, thereby contributing to the restoration of humanity’s innate dignity and compassion in the world.

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