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Approaching the Quranic Sciences

Approaching the Quranic Sciences

Translation of Ulum al-Quran

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This publication presents a new translation of Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani's original Urdu work on the Sciences of the Qur'an, titled Ulum al-Quran. Covering a broad spectrum of Qur'anic sciences from the Sunni scholarly tradition, including themes like revelation, textual preservation, and exegesis, the author addresses prevalent Orientalist objections that were significant during its initial writing, some of which persist to this day.

Additionally, the work robustly tackles modernist critiques originating within the Muslim world.

Initially composed in Urdu, the book's enduring relevance is evident as objections to the Qur'an have evolved over the past few decades, with some enduring challenges. This new edition features a meticulously revised retranslation of the original by Ml Ziyad Batha and Ml Ibraheem ibn Muhammad. The inclusion of notations incorporates the latest research in Qur'anic sciences from scholars such as Shaykh Dr. Sohaib Saeed, Shaykh Yousef Wahb, and Ustädh Sharif Randhawa.

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