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An Introduction to Sahih al-Bukhari

An Introduction to Sahih al-Bukhari

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Dr. Mu·π£·π≠afƒÅ al-A ø·∫ìamƒ´

Translation, Notes and Appendices by Muntasir Zaman

·π¢a·∏•ƒ´·∏• al-BukhƒÅrƒ´ is unsurprisingly the most widely recognized book among Muslims after the Qur æƒÅn. Curious readers of BukhƒÅrƒ´'s magnum opus are often left with burning questions that lie beyond its contents. Who was ImƒÅm BukhƒÅrƒ´? How and why did he write the ·π¢a·∏•ƒ´·∏•? How was it transmitted? Are there any reliable extant manuscripts of the work? In this introduction, Dr. Mu·π£·π≠afƒÅ al-A ø·∫ìamƒ´ answers these questions in a simple and accessible manner. This translation, alongside added annotations and appendices, presents and expands on al-A ø·∫ìamƒ´'s research for an English readership, for whom there is a dearth of resources on the subject.

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